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Bloodhound, Miss Lazydays of Summer

How modest can I be?  Our personality is probably much desired by other dog breeds, especially those German Shepherds or Dobermans that make us look mentally retarded in obedience class!  We are so loving, affectionate, caring, and a breed that is Noble and Dignified.  We are extremely loyal and faithful to our family.  There is not another breed that walks the earth, that is as selfless as a Bloodhound.  We desire to make our family happy.  We are like little children that want to please their parents...all the time.  We don't mean to be bad when we are.  Our feelings get incredibly hurt when we are scolded.  We are a very sensitive breed.  We get happy and we get sad.  On the inside, we laugh and cry and somehow, we can let you know.  It's this look we have. Owners that genuinely love their Bloodhound can immediately tell our mood. They know if we're happy or sad.  I can't explain it too well, but owners just know if we could talk, we'd have a lot to say.  We like to be involved in everything that goes on in the home.  Bloodhounds want to play what you are playing, they want to relax with you when you relax (unless of course, we still want to play). Bloodhounds are also a protective breed, especially to what we perceive is ours, like your shoes and stuff! Sometimes, Bloodhounds are overly protective of "their" things, and will do what it takes to protect them.  Many times, I've taken my family's "stuff" and hid it around the house.  Most times, they find it, but when they are not looking, I'll take it right back and hide it somewhere else! Like every human, we like to have our own special things, and since we can't shop on our own, we take what we can find. Can you really blame us?  Bloodhounds are incredibly trusting with their family, but this is not always the case with strangers.  We may approach them wearily if we approach them at all.  I guess this would mean we may be timid and shy, but once we get to know that stranger, we love them whole-heartedly. The one thing we need most of  is attention.  A Bloodhound needs to know she or he is loved.  We need to play and walk and be hugged and kissed.  Don't buy us and put us out in the yard to be lonely.  We are just like you.  We need love every day.  We have so very much love to give and desperately hope that it is reciprocated.  Overall, our personality is what every dog lover and owner wants in a pet, however, it's our other characteristics that make us unloved and unwanted.  Because we are loving and sensitive, it's best not to own a Bloodhound if you cannot overcome our size, drool and maintenance. 

Which leads me to a very important question...Why do people want to own a Bloodhound?

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