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BloodhoundsIs the Bloodhound more destructive than the typical dog?  Well, I'd like to say not because it might make us look bad...but the truth of the matter is, we may be.  See, Bloodhounds are very stubborn.  You could tell us "NO" to something a million times, and if it's something we would like to do, even if it means we will get scolded, we will do it.  We are large, very large, so the destruction is as well large.  Our paws are like the size of a large fist...imagine that scratching on the door or carpet or couch.  We will chew anything in our path, toys, shoes, socks, toilet paper, name it and we will try it. And if we like it we will do it again and again. I guess I've chewed up about 100 pair of socks by now, countless toys, and lots and lots of shoes.  Boy, did I get yelled at!  BUT, I sure didn't hear any thank you's when everyone got new socks and shoes! Is that fair? Well, it seemed to make my family happy that they got new, I continued to eat things so they could get new things.  Then everyone's happy, right?  Everyone except Dad and Mom, I just don't get it.

Well, here's just a few pictures of the damage I caused...actually, I could probably fill up this entire Website with pictures, but we'll keep this to a minimum.

This is, I mean was my brother, Blakjak's bowl.

This is my soon to be completely destroyed stuffed toy.

Buzz Lightyear! He'll be history in just a few minutes!

This is all that's left of a "stuffed" snowman.

Here's just a very small percentage of the hundreds of socks and bandanas I've chewed to bits.

Buzz's arm was good...a little crunchy, but good!

Cheap carpet, that's all I've got to say.

I don't know why they just don't get new carpet. I was trying to do Mom and Dad a favor!

This is the front door...It only needs a little sanding, and painting. I don't know why Dad gets so mad. I only scratch when I want to come in!

Well, they kept locking me in this room while they left the house...I had to find a way out.

There's nothing wrong with the couch. Everyone can still sit on it, everyone except me. I wonder why?

Here I am, and to the right is the wall paper I accidentally ripped off. Mom's been wanting new wall paper anyway.


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